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The  “Sistema 44” series by AVE have been completed by adding a new revolutionary range of anodised and brushed aluminium based on the AVE touch technology. The aluminium light control plate is furnished with a black horizontal stripe. A delicate blue LED light, visible also in the dark,  shows through from behind the stripe.  A slight   recess on the surface of the plate makes it possible to identify the exact control point and a slight “ticking sound” can be heard every time the user turns the switch on or off.
Advanced technology and unique design will make your home modern and every room elegant and exclusive. The sliding plate for sockets is particularly innovative and visually striking.  This aluminium sliding plate covers light sockets and guarantees greater safety.  Also in this case, the blue LED behind the plate makes the luminous plug  symbol visible in the dark. 
The Allumia Touch range is complete with a door bell signalling the entrance to a room, as well as with various auxiliary signals referring to exit, no smoking, information, directions etc., particularly useful in public areas. There is also a new version with controls for disabled people which can be personalized with indelible notices and symbols on the plate surface. The relevant control is activated by touching the plate surface at any point.   
The use of Allumia Touch extends also to domotics: our solutions make life easier, guarantee safety, comfort and make it possible to save energy. The elegant and sophisticated touch screen with brushed aluminium plate enables you to control all functions of the electrical system of your house and your office with a simple touch only: lights, roller blinds, burglar alarms, temperature setting, water and gas alarms,  electricity peak, sound diffusion and energy, water and gas consumption.