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Life 44 is the first glossy  series for residential use patented by Ave. Its sophisticated design and  its “Sistema 44” technology  make these products stylish, elegant, functional and guarantee top quality.   

Life 44 is made of innovative plastic materials which make it possible to have a polished, glossy, scratch resistant, dust-proof and anti-fingerprint colour. This product results from engineering work based on research aimed at anticipating customers’ wishes and meeting their requirements.  Life 44, as well as Ave Touch and Domus 100, can be installed only on one range of supports, the new Sistema 44, whose innovative technical details were developed to simplify installers’ work and to meet the highest requirements.

The Life 44 range is available in three different versions with a Zamac 44 metal plate surrounding LED illuminated modules.  This is a valuable frame for elegant and refined rooms. The Personal 44 plate in black glossy technopolymer encloses black, glossy modules.  The Vera 44 plate is made of pure glass, it is   smooth, clear and perfect and makes all rooms elegant because of the special contrast between its transparency and the light blue LED of its modules. It can be installed in a special recessed box which makes it perfectly flush with the wall.
Life 44 combines innovation, easy use and functionality and is an elegant interior design element because of its refined shape.