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Home automation 12” colour touch screen display

The touch screen DOMINAbus is a monitoring system which can be aesthetically combined with all AVE accessories.
The device is equipped with AVEbus connection and is made using the most recent information technologies. It allows to manage all the domotic functions of the DOMINA system: from a simple action such as switching on or off a light to managing the whole system via web.
The application software includes several customizable pages where the user inserts and configures the icons of the application he wants to manage. These pages contain a graphic image of the rooms or the system that needs to be monitored. This graphic image, which is totally customizable, can be a photograph of the room, a 2D layout or a 3D rendering made by the architect or the designer.
Through the touch screens the user can “surf” the rooms:
- by means of a general map of the whole house;
- by means of a detailed maps of each room which are graphically represented on a page; the user can either display all the available functions or select the type of function to be displayed by means of a “function filter”;
- or by an “easy” menu display with graphic icons used for customizations and for managing the system by sub-assemblies (lighting, temperature control, burglar alarm system, etc).
Technical data
• Touch screen device: 12”
• Flush-mounting box: BL18TS04 / BL18CGS04 (372x258x75) mm (WxHxD)
• Power supply: 12Vdc 1.5A by dedicated line
• Surfing using a pull-down menu and customizable graphic maps or easy menu with graphic icons
• Backlit colour display with 800x600 pixel resolution • Possibility of managing the scenarios by AVEbus
• Virtual simulation of AF983 keyboard and related functions
• Display of technical alarms with information that could be helpful for the user to manage the event
• Possibility of managing thermoregulation
• Display of the alarms of the anti-intrusion alarm con- trol unit item AF998EXP-ENG
• Managing of video-control by means of IP cameras
• Programming by PC

Home automation color touch screen

• Terminal 1: AVEbus positive
• Terminal 2: GND
• Terminal 3: 12V power supply positive
• Terminal 4: GND power supply
• LAN: LAN connection for ethernet service
• RS232C connection for monitoring of anti-intrusion system
• USB: USB connections for data transfer