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Home automation Radio systems

The growing demand for expanding electrical systems in homes and in the tertiary sector to install new controls or add automation functions often means having to undertake masonry work, with all its inconveniences. Thanks to a series of radio-connected devices the electrical system can be modified to introduce all functionalities which modern living increasingly requires, with the possibility to control them from any fixed or mobile position. This can be done whilst avoiding the need to modify the building’s structure.
The need to insert a new control for an existing light source can be solved using the R1R receiver. Thanks to the output with a potential-free exchange contact, it can be installed in place of a 2-way switch and controlled via radio, by a AF940R remote control or a T4R transmitter as shown in the picture.
The R1R receiver communicates with all the transmit- ter devices of the AVE radio range, burglar alarm sy- stems and volumetric and perimeter detectors. This allows the replication of the alarm coming from the control panel or from a single detector to one’s liking, for example on the opening of a door or the act of a person walking through a protected area.

home automation radio system

The RT1R receiver for motor control allows the radio-controlled ascent and descent of a roller shutter or curtain by sending the command signal by the TR4 transmitter or the AF940R remote control. The picture below shows a mixed application: control of two light sources and one roller shutter.

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