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Burglar alarm system

To feel safe in your house and be relaxed when you are out is possible thanks to Domina and its burglar alarm system which can be activated via the touch screen.

The burglar alarm system control unit managed by Domina is a modular system, which can be easily interfaced with a wide range of peripheral units and expanded to a maximum of 96 detection points. The alarms can also be sent by the telephone line and the burglar alarm system can be activated remotely.

Home automation Burglar alarm system

The wide range of the burglar alarm system is able to meet all needs for any type of applications thanks to the use of two different control units: AF998EXP-ENG and AF948. The first control unit, AF998EXP-ENG, has 8 inputs which can be expanded to 16 by connecting the AFEX8I expansion board to the control unit. By means of a special bus, it is also possible to connect two AFEX8I-RE remote expansion modules to reach a total number of 32 inputs which the system can control. Also, by connecting the AF907RR radio expansion module, the control unit can communicate with 64 other radio devices, each one individually identifiable.

The system can be divided in 8 areas, each one individually programmable, and has 8 programmable outputs which can be expanded to 32 by means of special modules. The phone dialling device, which can be installed into the control unit, enables to comunicate the alarms and to control and activate the 32 outputs remotely.

Home automation alarm system
The control unit can be programmed by connecting a PC via a AFPC01 cable and using the proper configu- ration software. By connecting the touch screen to the control unit, it is possible to monitor the room plan and, if an alarm occurs, the area in alarm is promptly signalled and a report of all the detected alarms is released.

By means of a virtual keyboard displayed on the monitor of the touch screen the burglar alarm system can be activa- ted, disconnected or partially activated. In small and medium rooms where the use of the touch screen device is not required, the AF948 control unit can be installed: it has 4 inputs which can be expanded to 16.

To increase the number of inputs here too it is possible to connect the AF907RR radio receiver which offers 16 additional radio inputs to the 16 existing wired inputs for a total number of 32, which can be subdivided in 3 areas.