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Communication with the outside world

Ave home automation system is not bounded by the house walls. Using the TS03B, TS03N or TS04 touch screen with world wide web technology, better known as the internet, it is possible to control the Domina functions that would usually be performed at home, via a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Through the additional remote service, the Domina system allows the user to monitor any function in the house: lighting, temperature control, technical alarms, video-control of cameras. By using any browser the user can control the whole house remotely as if he were at home.
Home automation communication with the outside world
By the integrated dialling device of the burglar alarm system by AVE the user can receive by PSTN and GSM line all information on the burglar alarm system, the technical alarms and other properly programmed signalling. The user can also communicate with the system and control a scenario simply from a mobile phone.


Home automation communication remote mobile


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