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Controls and actuators

Switch on the lights, adjust light brightness, open all roller shutters at the same time or close only one, all these actions can be made with just one simple control from one or more locations in the house. By installing suitable controls and actuators it will be possible to control lights and shutters in the whole house all same time separately.
home automation one simple control

The picture shows an example where thanks to controls and actuators connected to the bus line it is possible to control two lamps in on/off mode, one dimmable lamp and three motorised roller shutters. Centralised controls are also provided for lamps and motorised roller shutters. Centralised controls home automation

Home automation example installation
installation example Home automation

1 - Centralised light control 6-7-8

2 - Centralised roller shutters control 9-10-11

3 - Lamp control 6

4 - Lamp control 7

5 - Lamp dimmable control 8

8 - Dimmer actuator (use with standard adjuster 1-10V)

9 - 10 - 11 - Local controls for individual roller shutter