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Scenarios and monitoring of the system

How nice it would be if our home could wake up with us and we could be released from all those repetitive operations such as open the blinds to let the sun in, turn on heating, disconnect the burglar alarm, etc.. Domina can do all these things by means of the scenarios, a range of multiple commands that manage dif- ferent set functions at the same time. 


When you leave home, for example, you just have to activate the dedicated scenario and Domina will lower the roller shutters, switch off the lights and activate the anti-burglar alarm system in the whole house.

Home automation anti-burglar alarm system


The touch screen unit, which is the real heart of the Domina system, allows not only the previously mentioned functions for alarms and temperature control, but also to manage all the system control and actuation devices installed in the system itself. From the initial page of the Touch screen device, showing the general map of the rooms, the user can select a room where multiple icons indicate all the services installed. Icons are real virtual controls which send a command to the actuator when touched. A virtual control system can thus be created, which is always in line with the system on site. In this case, it is also possible to load not only the plan of the apartment but also the photographs of the rooms where the icons that represent the various commands (lights, motorised roller shutters, etc.) can later be positioned. The commands are sent by touching on the icons and the alarms are displayed on the Touch Screen monitor by means of optical and acoustic signals. Both from traditional command or touch screens scenarios can be easily managed multi-function control (for example: command “Going out” to switch off the lights, adjust temperature, activate the anti-burglar alarm system, close the roller shutters).

Thanks to these devices, installation is extremely simple and quick also in very complex systems where several applications are required.

Home automation system control and actuation devices