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Temperature control

Real comfort means ideal temperature in the different rooms of your home and in different situations. With Domina you can control 15 thermal zones, each with its own weekly temperature programme for winter and summer. The touch screen works like a temperature control unit which communicates with the zone thermostats and actuator and valveactuators. If the thermostat is not connected to the touch screen, as in simple systems without time period control, the user can adjust temperature from 5°C to 30°C directly on the thermostat. Home automation temperature control

The temperature control system includes:
  • the touch screen which, by means of a special programme, acts as a temperature control unit
  • the zone thermostats which detect room temperature at their installation site;
  • the actuators that control the zone valves. 
All the devices are connected by means of a bus line as shown in the picture at the side. The temperature control programmes set on the touch screen enable the user a centralised management of 15 thermal zones, while the zone thermostat allows to adjust the temperature locally by means of the push-buttons installed on its front panel (offset adjustment +/- 5°C compared to the value set on the touch screen).

The communication of the different parts of the system is carried out as follows: the temperature value detected is sent by the thermostat to the touch screen device together with the value of the local adjustment set by the user (offset). These two values together with the preset temperature (set-point) are displayed on the touch screen which sends the actuator the commands required to control the thermoregulation system (pump valve). The thermostat can also be set as a master or slave.This characteristic enables to install more than one thermostat in a large room: one master that communicates with the other thermostats set as slave and sends the detected average values to the temperature control unit.
Thanks to this system, the adjustment values can be much more accurate.

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Home automation thermoregulation system example installation