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Integrated Home Automation

The burglar alarm system by AVE can also be combined with the Life Touch and Domus Touch series by means of a transponder activator enclosed in an AVE Touch series module. The transponder key AF339-T communicates with the AF442TC44 reader which is installed under the glass plate to control AF998EXP-ENG control unit.

The activator is also available in all AVE wiring accessories series.

Reader Activator
home automation Transponder Key
AF339-T - Transponder Key

home automation system

New indoor video door-phone system with home automation functions and “touch” controls.


  1. Control of home automation scenarios
  2. Temperature visualization
  3. Door opening AveBus
  4. Video message recording system
  5. Melody selection
  6. Intercom calls

Domina Home Automation system by Ave enables doors, windows, sun blades and roller shutters control thanks to the cooperation with Metra spa, Italian leading company in the manufacturing of aluminium do- ors and windows. The compatibility between these systems allows to create home automation “scenarios” where doors and windows can be controlled. Just to make an example, the scenario Quitting” allows closing all the windows and activates the security in the house.



home automation scenarios metra door and windows

New Home Automation Controls for motorised doors and windows.
For commercial information and purchase of products please contact METRA sales network.

AveBus receiver for sun blades

AveBus receiver for tilt and turn window

AveBus receiver for sliding doors