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Smart home: endless possibilities of management with DOMINA plus IoT ready home automation

IoT ready home automation: endless possibilities of management

With DOMINA plus IoT ready home automation you have endless possibilities of functions and management. DOMINA plus allows you to create a smart home for every technological need with functions like such as the control of lighting, temperature and ventilation, loads control for energy saving, anti-intrusion, technical alarms, doors, windows, gates, curtains, shutters, sound diffusion system, irrigation for green areas, as well as scenarios, that involve multiple actions simultaneously so with a simple command.

Moreover, AVE DOMINA plus home automation gives you the possibility to manage your smart home through built-in Touch Screen supervisors, that allow to manage it in details, offering quick access to the various functions via interactive menus or – on premium versions – through a virtual “navigation” of environments to manage their automations.

Available for Android and iOS devices, AVE Cloud app allows you to supervise your home exactly as you are in front of a Touch Screen, even remotely. AVE Cloud also offers an innovative function that allows to create scenarios via smartphone and customize them based on where you are (using the geo-location of the device). You can also manage every automation and function integrated in your home automation system from computer accessing to AVE Cloud remote service via internet. Through AVE Connect service you can create an IoT system that includes DOMINA plus functions: the home automation is controlled natively by the digital Assistant, which also allows to manage other IoT devices and other functions (such as receiving weather and traffic information) or simply recalling a “routine”, a sequence of planned actions to meet the primary daily needs.

Thanks to AVE switches you can better control home automation functions from rooms. Available also in touch and multi-touch versions (with up to 6 independent commands), AVE switches allows you to control devices and automations with a simple action.

With AVE you can create an advanced smart home and customize it to the fullest with endless automation and management possibilities.


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