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New wired burglar central unit: safety is pre-programmed by AVE

New wired burglar central unit: safety is pre-programmed by AVE

Ideal for flats, small shops and offices, the new wired burglar central unit AF996PLUS presented by Ave is pre-programmed and so ready to use right away. You can create two independent alarm areas, that both work in perimeter or total way for a greater flexibility of use.

Designed to create reliable anti-intrusion systems, this device enters into the market as a highly innovative solution, designed to help all players of the electricity supply chain: from the wholesaler to the end user.

The new wired burglar central unit has a built-in GSM dialer and is proposed in a KIT with unique product code (AF996PLUS) which also includes the LED keyboard. The KIT facilitates electrical equipment distributors who can benefit from a simplified management of orders, storage and evasion taking advantage in terms of time and costs.

Easily installable through a handy and accessible terminal board, the new wired burglar central unit is pre-programmed to fit the most of buildings, reducing in this way setup time and configuration’s costs. The device can easily be customized and programmed to meet any installation need, either by using the included LED keyboard, either by a PC setup software and related programming cable (cod. AFPC03). This central unit is equipped with 7 programmable inputs, 6 of which can be associated to detectors and the other one to tamper devices. Through the timer you can set the automatic activation and disconnection of the areas, while the 3 supervised and programmable outputs are useful to the management of the internal and external sirens, or for the activation of specific use (for example: during an alarm, lights turn on as dissuader).

Choose the device AF996PLUS means offering the best technology and save time and money, both for the installer and end-user. Another great advantage is its extreme ease of use. The end user is able to immediately take confidence with the burglar alarm system without special explanations that take time both to him and installer. The new burglar central unit has been designed to suit the modern needs of people. In addition to the highly intuitive keyboard, this device provides a built-in GSM dialer and an App that allow you to control the central unit directly from your smartphone. Thus, security will accompany you also outside your home. In case of alarm, the burglar central unit will send a series of rings to recipients (up to 10 telephone numbers) and – at last – a text message with date, time and description of the alarm. Available for Android and iOS devices, the App allows you to control the burglar system by switching it on/off or checking alarms, faults and the log event that have affected the system.

The new wired burglar central unit is a modern product designed to help both professionals and end-users: the best solution for creating a burglar alarm system for flats, small shops and offices.


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