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AVE home automation project with a hi-tech heart
20 July 2018
At Francavilla al Mare, in the Italian province of Chieti, there is an innovative AVE home automation with hi-tech heart whose symbolic elements are certainly DOMINA plus Touch Screen supervisor devices....
AVE home automation villa with sea view
06 July 2018
Located in Vasto, in the Italian province of Chieti, there is an exclusive AVE home automation villa with sea view. In this house DOMINA plus hi-tech solutions give its inhabitants a new contact with the...
AVE home automation: touch technology as an everyday reality
15 June 2018
In this very elegant AVE home automation project touch technology becomes an everyday reality: the system so can give its best, returning a modern contact with the house and connected devices.   The...
New Style 44 in glass, a new contact with light
01 June 2018
New Style 44 glass collections give a new contact with light. A sophisticated concept, available in two different versions with retro design, toggle controls and only the best of AVE technology.  ...
From AVE and TUTONDO it’s born an advanced sound diffusion system
04 May 2018
Obtained by combining their productive excellence, the advanced sound diffusion system born from thecollaboration between AVE and TUTONDO exhibits a lots of control functions, design and technologies for...
DOMINA plus offers integration with Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound system
20 April 2018
The music becomes smart with DOMINAplus. From now AVE home automation is able to interface with the Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 devices in order to create an advanced sound system, that allows to manage up to...
AVE home automation: hi-tech enters in an elegant Italian villa
06 April 2018
Combined with touch screen supervisors and touch controls, AVE home automation becomes hi-tech emblem of an elegant Italian villa in the Chieti area. A modern home with contemporary furnishings and hi-tech...
AVE conquers Lake Garda with an elegant home automation villa
23 March 2018
The living becomes hi-tech with AVE, that takes part of the prestigious project signed by the Sangalli Architecture Studio: an elegant villa on Lake Garda that sees AVE home automation as the protagonist of...
AVE home automation in Villa Rinaldi winery
01 February 2018
Villa Rinaldi wineryhas made its spaces even more valuable integrating AVE home automation. Thanks to DOMINA plus, each room can be supervised and managed autonomously, recreating the best conditions for...
Home automation is more stylish with TEKLA 44
19 January 2018
Home automation for AVE means technology, design and exaltation of lifestyles. With these assumptions it is born TEKLA 44, the newest AVE wiring accessories series. TEKLA 44 has been designed to reduce...
New Style 44 in Corian, technology and design behind a toggle controls
14 December 2017
The best technology combines with unprecedented aesthetics and valuable materials to create a unique concept. New Style 44 relies on the solidity of Corian for its plates, offering innovative toggle controls...
DOMINA plus conquers Columbus Optical Center
01 December 2017
AVE DOMINA plusis the home automation proposal that suits every need. DOMINA plus provides a large number of functions to manage any residential or service environment, as in the case of Columbus...