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DOMINA plus: air management

Including into your home a ventilation system is not only a conscious choice to safeguard the health of people, but it is a choice that can also be useful for the optimal preservation of the building itself. 

The air management is becoming increasingly important, both for safety and comfort reasons.  Using an appropriate ventilation system, you can in fact prevent several disorders such as allergies, asthma, burning eyes, headaches, excessive sweating, especially for people in which these disorders can be considerably more accentuated as children and the elderly with difficulty breathing.

Nowadays, through AVE devices and DOMINA plus technology, the monitoring and control via bus system and a touch screen is comfortable even for non-experts.


Now the user from a unique device can control the temperature, humidity, ventilation and air conditioning; he can be alerted and protected in case there are gas leaks or CO2 excess; he can control or monitor the automatic air exchange with CMV; he can plan with hourly or weekly programming all the parameters that he wants, in order to obtain "clean air" and healthy environments. 

For all that you don’t need various control or command stations but, thanks to the evolution of home automation, from your touch screen you can control and manage everything. On the screen, you can visualize with great clarity and correct all the parameters of your environment, both when the you are at home or remotely using the network.

DOMINA plus, a quality solution for the air and for people.

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