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DOMINA plus offers integration with Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound system

The music becomes smart with DOMINAplus. From now AVE home automation is able to interface with the Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 devices in order to create an advanced sound system, that allows to manage up to 30 zones, offering an excellent acoustic quality and dynamic audio, with power from 25W RMS to 200W RMS for each zone.
DOMINA plus offers integration with Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound system
It’s possible to connect to the system different kinds of devices such as portable devices (iPod, tablet and smartphone, both iOS and Android), audio and audio-video sources (CD, DVD, BLU-RAY, ...), amplifiers, SKY, PC and NAS (server network), TV and monitor, Vivaldi Giove KEYSOL multisource with free app. In addition, the system can be further expanded with active subwoofers and Vivaldi PRO amplified speakers.

By the interfacing with AVE home automation, it’s very easy to control the Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound system. You can manage up to two AUX inputs, the USB port for MP3 and Super Audio files, the addressable Bluetooth for audio streaming and the microphone for baby control calls. It’s therefore possible to create highly intuitive advanced sound systems. From the home automation touch screensDOMINAplus, through a user interface with icons, you can:

  • choose preferred audio source
  • adjust the volume and tones
  • switch ON/OFF the acoustic speakers of every zone

Thanks to AVE home automation’s flexibility, it’s possible to manage the soundtrack even within the Scenarios function, in order to mark the various moments of the day or to create the perfect atmosphere according to the different occasions.

Also client's aesthetic needs can be satisfied. In fact, AVE offers a solution of full continuity with the rest of home automation. To complete the system, AVE also proposes finishing front plates compatible withVivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound modules and high performance built-in speakers - perfectly coordinated with all the AVE S44 wiring accessories series.

AVE home automation becomes more and more advanced, practical and functional, more and more open and ready to integrate quality solutions such as the Vivaldi Giove FREENETMK2 sound system.

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