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Home automation: remote supervision

Thanks to the advanced Ave DOMINAplus system, PCs, tablets and smartphones, that are equipped with a Web Browser or dedicated Apps, will transform into powerful oversight tools for home automation system allowing the user to control the home automation Bus both locally via Wi-Fi, and remotely via mobile internet connection.

From security to energy savings: with a simple gesture you can completely control the domestic functions. The DOMINAplus system is indeed able to offer three different solutions to remotely supervise the system.

Home automation remote supervision

The first method exploits Web server peculiarity that allows you to generate Web pages directly accessible from the same device and so to interface with the home automation Bus and anti-intrusion system. Generated Web pages are configurable by the user and represent graphically the system dividing it into environments and functions. Just by entering your credentials (username and password), you have the ability to access many supervisory and control functions.

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, also the "DOMINAplus Controller" Apps allow the management and the simple and fast control of the almost entire home automation system. After download them from Apple Store or Google Play, you can simply connect via Wi-Fi to one of installed supervisors devices to comfortably navigate and handle every room of your home.

Thanks to the REMOTE DOMINAplus service (that is accessible at the following link after signing a subscription) you can also manage remotely and securely your home automation system. The web application in fact requires a registration on a dedicated server that ensures the maximum security for entered information. Setup is easy: just insert some data account into a supervisory device (that is connected to the Internet) to start using the service.

Combining in a new user experience the complete control of domestic functions, DOMINAplus system can go beyond the domestic walls making house even more comfortable, safe and functional.