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Integrated security with DOMINA Antintrusione and DOMINA plus

Through AVE home automation you can exponentially expand the security level of your home. Thanks to the total integration with DOMINA Antintrusione security system and the centralized management via Touch Screen and Web Server supervisors, DOMINA plus supervises silently on goods and people increasing the dwelling’s security from possible intruders.

Integrated security with DOMINA Antintrusione and DOMINA plus

Result of the most modern technological solutions in the field of security, DOMINA Antintrusione offers some models of wired/radio central units, through which you can protect better every type of building and supervise it from home automation system. Using proper communication interfaces, that allow the dialogue with the system and isolate it electrically ensuring greater reliability, you can always keep an eye on the map of the rooms and, in case of alarm, you can have immediately a flashing signal that identifies the area from which it comes, with a report of all the detected alarms.

With DOMINA plus and DOMINA Antintrusione, the user can experience the benefits that results from the combination of the security systems and home automation devices. The central units are perfectly integrated with the AVE’s home automation system DOMINA plus. Through a virtual keyboard reproduced on the video, the supervisors allow you to activate, deactivate and split the alarm system giving you the ability to manage it in a quick safe practical way.

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