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Voice assistants, a smarter accent for DOMINA plus home automation

Voice assistants, a smarter accent for DOMINA plus home automation

Voice assistants give an even smarter accent to DOMINA plus home automation. Thanks to the new implementations made by AVE, it’s now possible to create a smart home suitable for every technological need and to better manage it through the main voice assistants.

Voice assistants represent the last frontier of hi-tech living: a trend that continues to grow, underlining a general orientation towards a new smart dimension for home, increasingly connected to the habits of its inhabitants. So what are the potentials and advantages of combining DOMINA plus home automation and voice assistants?

Voice assistants and DOMINA plus home automation: smart functions

AVE has recently released for its DOMINA plus home automation some implementations that make it fully compatible with the most widespread Voice Assistants, both through the respective apps and smart speakers. In this way, all the functions integrated by AVE home automation can be easily recalled with a tap or though voice commands interrogating the Assistants.

Thanks to the AVE Home service (via the AVE Connect App), which allows AVE home automation to interact with the IoT ecosystem that can potentially be created inside a home, you can manage every aspect of the home through the compatible voice assistants to control smart features such as:

lights with light intensity adjustment (if dimmed);

temperature regulation for each thermal zone;

– the insertion of the anti-intrusion burglar alarm;

music playback;


garden irrigation;

– the opening of gates and doors;

– motorized shutters and curtains.

With AVE Home, the home automation system will be controlled natively by the digital assistant, which will allow you to command other IoT devices and other functions, such as weather and traffic information, or simply recalling a “routine”, a planned sequence of actions to meet your primary daily needs.

AVE Home is not only a service that integrates control through the voice, but also the management and supervision of the entire smart home. You can control a single light or those of the whole house. In the same way it’s possible to interact with smart plugs, shutters and thermostats. All this through an innovative and continuously improving digital tool.

The possibilities are endless and they are all within your reach.


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