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AVE home automation in Villa Rinaldi winery

AVE home automation in Villa Rinaldi winery

Villa Rinaldi winery has made its spaces even more valuable integrating AVE home automation. Thanks to DOMINA plus, each room can be supervised and managed autonomously, recreating the best conditions for wines. An assumption that becomes a necessity especially as regards the influence that light and heat can have on the aging of wine.

In the case of the Villa Rinaldi winery, the client had the need to be able to supervise the temperature of the 9 rooms inside the villa and the rooms for storing the wines, as well as the local for the aging of barrique, and to manage various settings, both for the lights and for the sound diffusion used during the presentations to the customers.

Embracing advanced solutions like this doesn’t mean giving up attention to details but, thanks to AVE, it is precisely the details that are highlighted. The wiring accessories series Domus 44 becomes one of the main elements that distinguishes the Villa Rinaldi, who has chosen VERA front plates in clear white glass: a touch of elegance to celebrate the wine and its temple.

AVE home automation’s plus in a winery

Home automation’s possibilities are many: in the case of Villa Rinaldi users can adjust the air temperature in various rooms to maintain both the comfort for the occupants and product’s stability.

In other situations, it’s possible to manage even the temperatures of barrels used for storage, through AND / OR logics and with an exclusive AVE device (the multi-sensor interface 53ABAN02), regulating the passage of hot and cold water necessary for the various phases of processing: from the start of fermentation bringing the wine to 35° C, until it freezes at -5° C for tartaric precipitation. All these functions can also be managed remotely through the dedicated app in an intuitive way for the user.


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