Living Room
Soggiorno domotico
Cucina domotica
Bagno domotico
Camera domotica
Children’s bedroom
Cameretta bambini domotica
External Areas
Esterno domotico
Una casa domotica AVE dal cuore hi-tech

AVE home automation project with a hi-tech heart

At Francavilla al Mare, in the Italian province of Chieti, there is an innovative AVE home automation with hi-tech heart whose symbolic elements are certainly DOMINA plus Touch Screen supervisor devices.

Elegant and advanced, the Touch Screens are inserted in this house to raise the level of comfort and safety, giving an essentially new contact with the home. In fact, it’s possible to manage every aspect of the house from these displays: lights, temperature, anti-intrusion, irrigation… All with just a few intuitive steps. In the home automation project there are also advanced functions such as Scenarios management. To dedicate a moment of relax, end users have only to touch the Scenario icon to simultaneously manage multiple actions, in order to create a unique and personalized environment.

Ave Home automation with touch control

Perfectly integrated and coordinated with DOMINA plus home automationAVE’s touch technology makes it possible to further revolutionize the contact with the home. Simply by touching the surface of a glass front plate (Vera Touch) users can control the light or – with the same simplicity – they can activate automations and home automation functions such as the control of bathroom ventilation.

This Francavilla al Mare’s house is the example of AVE home automation with a hi-tech heart. A smart home, that offers new more modern and up-to-date forms to adapt spaces to your need for better comfort, safety and design.


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