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AVE home automation villa with sea view

AVE home automation villa with sea view

Located in Vasto, in the Italian province of Chieti, there is an exclusive AVE home automation villa with sea view. In this house DOMINA plus hi-tech solutions give its inhabitants a new contact with the house, adapting to their habits through a concentrate of technology and design.

The symbol element is the elegant 12″ Touch Screen display, through which the owners can manage every room in a practical and completely intuitive way. From the Touch Screen end users can navigate through environments via graphical maps and manage each function simply selecting the related icon. Lighting, windows, thermoregulation, ventilation and anti-intrusion systems are just some of the functions that can be managed by this device, which represents the symbol of a new way of conceiving home and interacting with it.

Precisely for this reason, in this AVE home automation villa, the advanced DOMINA plus system is combined with touch technology. Perfectly coordinated with the 12 “Touch Screen supervisor, Allumia Touch controls enter to offer a new contact with the home. By simply touching the front plate surface, the owners can recall the different home automation functions from the dedicated commands. A slight “sound tic” will offer them the certainty of the successful command.

In this AVE home automation villa includes also the innovative sliding plates to protect the sockets outlets. A valuable solution, that thanks to a system patented by AVE allows plate to “slide” on the socket, ensuring greater security.


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