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AVE hotel automation at Gioberti Art Hotel in Rome

AVE hotel automation at Gioberti Art Hotel in Rome

The hotel management system DOMINA Hotel and hotel automation solutions designed by AVE allow you to make your hotel the most comfortable, secure and optimized place. An example of this extraordinary integration between technology and innovation is the Gioberti Art Hotel in Rome, a structure that gives life to a new hotel concept: a space where comfort, design and art come together in a unique way.

Housed within the walls of a noble nineteenth century building, this hotel has chosen to rely to the advanced hotel automation system DOMINA Hotel to return to its guests the best services. Directly from the reception PC, hoteliers are able to remotely govern each component connected to the system, supervise environments, control the lighting, the temperature control systems, but DOMINA Hotel is much more and allows you to get various information related to customer’s sojourn, allowing so to increase security and enhance his experience inside the structure.

It’s the Gioberti Art Hotel director, Rocco Delle Grotti, to underline this idea: “You can even see the number of guest’s accesses into his room or how many employees intervene in a room.” During the interview, Rocco Delle Grotti also highlights another important aspect of the hotel automation system developed by AVE: ” We are able to optimize the hotel’s costs thanks to these innovative systems that remotely intervene in various aspects of the hotel.”

Domina Hotel allows to avoid unnecessary energy and economic wastes. Being able to detect the guests’ presence inside their room, DOMINA Hotel can disconnect needless loads, in their absence. The AVE hotel management software can also identify any open windows within the rooms and go automatically to turn off the air-conditioning and heating systems in those areas.

Near to the Terme di Diocleziano and close to the Termini Railway Station, the Gioberti Art Hotel in Rome is a modern example of a new way of thinking about the hotel: no longer just an individual unit but, thanks to the AVE, a flexible integrated and technologically advanced building.

Discover AVE hotel automation system on our new dedicated website.


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