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Check your air quality with the new decentralized CMV with single flow

Check your air quality with the new decentralized CMV with single flow

Through the advanced home automation system DOMINAplus you can check the new decentralized CMV with single flow, the device designed by Ave to extract the air from confined spaces that has obtained the best score in its class in terms of energy efficiency, thanks to the taken precautions.

Besides protecting the building’s integrity preventing the creation of mold, condensation and excessive temperature, an adequate ventilation of enclosed spaces can be useful to protect the health (allergies, asthma, headaches,…) of people who lives there. Ave, paying attention to these issues, has introduced the VND100ECP unit: a product that excels in terms of efficiency, controllability and design.

Thanks to the home automation of Ave,  the decentralized CMV is able to guarantee an automatic control of air recycling. Trough “scenarios” function you can recreate environments according to different needs and occasions. DOMINAplus allows you to oversee the efficiency of this device and receive reports to the need for filter replacement or warnings about possible risks of rupture.

The single flow decentralized CMV is a product that suits the user’s needs. The working speed can be set according to the ventilation exigencies. When environment relative humidity exceeds the threshold previously set, there is the possibility to activate automatically a higher speed, trough a humidity sensor mounted on the machine, ensuring therefore a greater exchange of air.

With its 100 mm in diameter, the new decentralized CMV  can be compared to traditional small bathroom exhaust fans, but it differs totally from them. Equipping with a high efficiency “EC brushless” engine “long-life” ball bearings, the VND100ECP Unit is designed to operate continuously without interruption. At the design stage we pay special attention to offer a product that, in addition to being reliable and extremely quiet, could guarantee at the same time very low power consumption.

The consumption evaluation of this type of devices, defined in terms SFP (Specific Fan Power),  is made comparing power consumption  with the aerolics energy measuring or rather the consumption by the quantity of extracted air. The tests performed by BRE, an independent laboratory in the UK, are proof of the work done by Ave: VND100ECP Unit has obtained the highest score in its class, registering an SFP of 0.09 W/l/s.

With its soft and sinuous lines, this product doesn’t give up a minimalist contemporary design, which is able to adapt to the most modern furnishing solutions. Aesthetic choices of the front, that is printed in high quality ABS in RAL9010 color, have been studied in detail in order to not prejudice in any way the daily use of the device. The front, in fact, has been conceived and realized to be removed easily without the use of tools, in order to make cleaning operations extremely easy and simple.

Thanks to its dumbness and minimalist design, the VND100ECP Unit fits virtually any type of interior space. Highly configurable and controllable, the new decentralized CMV with single flow reflects the best of its category in terms of aeraulic efficiency: the quality of your air at low power consumptions.



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