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DOMINA plus: temperature and air conditioning control

DOMINA plus: temperature and air conditioning control

Temperature and air conditioning control can be a problem, both in comfort and economics terms, especially during winter and summer. DOMINA plus home automation system intervenes to support the user by managing up to 239 independent thermal zones, each with its own weekly winter and summer program, which has “savings, pre-comfort and comfort temperatures” for every season. Each thermal zone is also able to manage an air conditioner via the infrared interface, making the home automation system DOMINA plus more versatile and integrated with the domestic devices.

Gestione domotica della temperatura

DOMINA plus supervision devices– Touch Screen and Web Server – perform the monitoring function of the entire thermoregulation system, acting also as a centralized graphical user interface. DOMINA plus thermoregulation can also be managed remotely; via cellular phones, smartphones or PCs, you can test and set the temperature even when you are away from home in order to always have the best temperature conditions when you return.

The room thermostat with digital display detects room temperature, it manages actuators and window status, ensuring comfort but also energy saving. If appropriately configured during installation, the room thermostat allows you – by pressing the front buttons – to enter a temporary forcing at the Set Point of the active Weekly Program of Home Automation Supervisors device (Touch Screen or Web Server). If window status is enabled and if it’s open, the thermostat will stop the air conditioning of that environment and, during the interruption, the room temperature displayed by the digital thermostat display will flash. When the window will be closed, the air conditioning will resume automatically and the display will reset.

Replicating the original IR remote control, the air conditioning management interface offers the possibility to integrate the DOMINA plus home automation system with the main brands of air conditioning sector, thus adapting to devices already present inside the home.

With DOMINA plus, you can increase comfort and optimize energy consumption. Temperature and air conditioning control has never been so easy.


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