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DOMINA plus allows smart home appliances control

DOMINA plus allows smart home appliances control

Ave has developed an interface that can capture the commands of IR devices after they are stored and associated with the functions of home automation system DOMINAplusThe new device 442AB-IRT born for the IR transmission control among the DOMINAPlus Home Automation system and the air-conditioning system, audio equipment (stereo, cd players etc) and other domestic appliances controllable by infrared.

The great quality of this interface is to acquire the codes of the original device. Taking advantage of the flexibility of the DOMINAplus Home Automation system, the user can enjoy remarkable benefits for the intelligent management of his home. It works programming and storing IR codes, which are passed through the device remote control using two buttons on the front side, while three leds allow the identification of the device status and the different stages of its functioning.

The device learns and reproduces the remote controls IR messages (which use frequency from 30 to 60 kHz), the commands get stored and matched to DOMINAPlus Home Automation functions using the SFW-IRT software. The SFW-IRT allows also to download messages in format “Ready IR” into the memory of the device, repeating the remote controls with the frequency over 60 kHz.

The device has different memory slots, divided by usage type:

  • Splitters of conditioners: using the device joined with an Ave Home automation Thermostat, it’s possible to control the splitters with IR interface automatically (depending on the splitter IR protocol).
  • Matching of commands to Avebus control devices: Independently from the Ave bus address, the device can be joined to one or more control devices with “Start and/or Stop” function – which has Avebus address between “AO” and “AF” – ensuring the transmission of Ave bus command saved on the correspondent memory slot.
  • Combination of IR controls to Avebus messages: independently from its Avebus address, the device can be used to transmit an IR control joined to a some Avebus message. Each time the message is transiting, the IR combined control will be sent out.

Through the software SFW-IRT, the user is able to visualize, select, control or modify IR controls, join them to a certain memory area of the device. With this new interface IR, the DOMINAPlus Home Automation system is more flexible and goes toward smart systems integration.


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