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Energy saving: AVE’s home automation helps consumptions

Energy saving: AVE’s home automation helps consumptions

Utilizing the latest and innovative technological solutions, DOMINAplus home automation system is able to minimize the energy consumption contributing to preserve the habitat and improve the energy classification of the building.

DOMINAplus guarantees maximum comfort and a concrete limitation of energy waste.Associating to the advanced home automation system the Energy Saving and Load Control Device “53AB-ECO”, it’s in fact possible to handle the maximum power of the system and disconnect automatically any electrical appliances in case of electrical overloads, thus avoiding possible blackouts and reducing consumption that would otherwise go to increase the amount of the electricity bill. Thanks to this device, ECO function is also enhanced allowing to force the implementation of loads at set time and so taking advantage of cheaper contractual formulas.

The device 53AB-ECO can also be associated with different counters that allows you to keep under control also other consumption such as water or gas. You can keep constantly monitored your consumption through the DOMINAPLUS Touch Screen where is shown the diagram of consumptions that you can set trough the search parameters (typology and period). These kind of information are extremely useful in order to make a better use of resources, but also to evaluate any failures, leaks or dispersions.

Using the “Light sensitive P.I.R switch” device, DOMINAplus home automation system can intervene in the lighting management by detecting the presence of people and verifying the light level inside the room (twilight function), so adjust the ignition of artificial light only when is strictly and truly necessary.

Besides the economics benefits, Ave’s energy saving solutions are able to increase also the ecosustainability of the building. Limiting energy consumption is also reduced the environmental impact of house, improved its energy classification and extended its value.

DOMINAplus is a real opportunity for the user and the habitat.


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