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External areas: the advantages of DOMINA plus

Smart home: external areas

Through the advanced home automation system DOMINA plus you can easily manage the external areas of your smart home.

Thanks to the integrated technology and its flexibility, DOMINA plus is able to intervene to protect your building. Directly from the Touch Screen supervisor devices you can manage the associated IP cameras and monitor the AVE burglar alarm system areas through practical graphical maps. If inadvertently you left opened a window, the DOMINA Plus system warns you, avoiding unpleasant surprises. Through the local controls of the actuators, you can manually control the closure of motorized shutters, doors and windows, you can choose to control the general closure of all these accesses or just a group of them, from a centralized location. You can also set at the activation of the burglar alarm system, the automatic closure of all motorized access points, so you can always get out of your house with confidence.

In addition to increase the buildings’ security, the home automation system developed by AVE increases also comfort, simplifying the management of connected devices. In addition to manual control, the system is able to manage automatically the external lighting through light or motion sensors, or pre-set time.
DOMINA plus is also able to manage the watering of the gardens. Through the Touch Screen supervisor devices, you can activate manually each watering zone, or set custom programs that activate the watering only when is strictly necessary and turn it off during bad weather in order to avoid energy waste.
During a thunderstorm or if the wind speed measured by an anemometer connected to the Multi-sensor interface 53ABAN02 exceeds the set threshold, the DOMINA plus system is able to retire the motorized blinds preventing damages even when you aren’t at home. By means of PT100 or NTC probes, that detect the external temperature, the Multi-sensor Interface is able to activate anti-freeze systems for vehicular avenues.

Through Scenarios function integrated by Touch screen supervisors, DOMINA Plus offers the option of programming more controls (scenarios) which allows you to customize the management of connected devices to the system according to your needs. Each Scenario can be activated every time you need. For example, once set the scenario “I leave home” with the alarm activation, the closure of motorized accesses, blinds and lights off, it’s always available and can be activated at your discretion via Touch Screen.


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