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Find out AVE toggle switches with brochure “Light up your style”

Find out AVE toggle switches with brochure “Light up your style”

Dedicated to detail lovers, the innovative retro range represents a precise choice by AVE to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Find out the integrated technology of this range with the “Light up your style” brochure.

The “retro” collections present three different commands series with front plates of noble materials. Hidden behind the toggle controls, there are the best of AVE technology: electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status. AVE combines front plates of noble materials, with design and finishes that suit every need:

·       The New Style 44 collection in alluminium and glass isidealfor simplicity lovers and modern environments, where every detail has to be perfect.Chrome-colored toggle and ferrule fit on black and white glass front plates, or natural and anthracite brushed alluminium ones.The exclusivity of glass and alluminum is an indispensable quality to sign your private space: the missing touch to recover the design of vintage appliances and furniture.

·       The New Style 44 collection in Corian is dedicatedto free spirits, for those who seek true harmony in the purity of colour. The Corian luminous white of solid and durable front plates is reflected on the toggle controls marked by simple geometries. A modern evolution for genuine and minimalist open spaces.

·       Available also in traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames, the England Style 44 collection in wood is aimed at those who appreciate the quality and are looking for a noble detail to customize their classic or retro interiors. The true brass toggles are embedded in natural walnut wood surfaces; the AVE logo becomes the signature to find in the past a priceless treasure.

Inside the brochure dedicated to these “retro” designs, there is also TEKLA 44, the latest AVE wiring accessories series that increases flexibility, offering all Sistema 44 solutions in opaque anthracite grey coloration and home automation versions with KNX technology.


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