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AVE e TUTONDO per un sistema integrato di diffusione sonora avanzata

From AVE and TUTONDO it’s born an advanced sound diffusion system

Obtained by combining their productive excellence, the advanced sound diffusion system born from the collaboration between AVE and TUTONDO exhibits a lots of control functions, design and technologies for every needs.

Through the interfacing between AVE DOMINA plus home automation and TUTONDO Mondo T sound system (MTA816 and MTAM816S, it’s possible to create an innovative sound diffusion system, which allows to manage up to 8 sound sources (MP3, TAPE, CD, TUNER, etc.) and to spread musical signals with Hi-Fi quality in every area of your home or office.

The system is fully controllable by DOMINAplus touch screen supervisors through a user interface with icons. You can choose your preferred audio source for each room, adjust the volume, tones, and switch ON/OFF the acoustic speakers of every zone. It’s possible to manage soundtracks even within the Scenarios function, in order to mark the various moments of the day or to create the perfect atmosphere according to the different occasions.

You can also control music intensity by AVE volume controllers so as to activate, deactivate and adjust the volume from each single listening point or centrally. In this way you can also exclude a single loudspeaker or regulate the volume to 5 different intensity levels.

This sound diffusion system is designed to guarantee safety and security. If an alarm event occurs – or if the bell rings – the music volume is automatically reduced to warn the user; at the end of the signalling it resets immediately.

To offer an aesthetic continuity with the rest of the system, AVE offers high performance flush mounting speakers to create mono or stereo zones (protected against overload) and refined designs. Perfectly coordinated with all AVE S44 wiring accessories series, these devices can be connected directly to the TUTONDO control units and to their expansions, that can also be completed using AVE finishing front plates.

Thanks to the perfect integration between AVE and TUTONDO solutions, it’s possible to create an advanced sound diffusion system to achieve the best of comfort, safety and design.


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