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Smart living room with AVE home automation

Smart living room with AVE home automation

Through the advanced Ave’s home automation system you can increase the comfort in the living room. Usually intended for recreation and relaxation, this environment is often used for different occasions: a party with friends, a dinner with guests, an evening with family, a nice rest while you are watching a movie or reading a book. Thanks to DOMINAplus all these occasions can have the perfect atmosphere. Using Scenarios function it’s possible to recreate the ideal ambience for different needs and occasions. Easily configurable, these scenarios can be stored and recalled every time you want.

For example: with just a tap on the surface of Ave Touch Screens you can perform the Scenario “Party with friends.” In this case, the home automation system will automatically adjust the brightness, lower blinds or motorized windows and start the chosen music for the occasion through the sound system.

Ave’s home automation can be also useful to avoid energy waste and increase home security. Thanks to “Power save” function, the system allows to monitor your consumption and limit the energy waste by timing temperature and lighting control according to the real use of the room. With Touch Screen devices you can monitor the whole house and govern every automatism in any environment, including the living room. The Touch Screens enable you to perform remote visual inspection inside and outside the house thus giving the opportunity to check comfortably even when you are out that there aren’t intruders or determine the state of your home during storms or sudden climate events.

Home automation means comfort but, thanks to DOMINAplus, this term takes on a new meaning, in the name of technology and innovation for a home truly on a human scale.


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