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Manage your home with the new Web Server device

Manage your home with the new Web Server device

The new Ave’s device allows to supervise your home automation system DOMINAPLUS both locally and directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Wherever you are, Web Server allows to manage your home in a practical and immediate way simply by connecting to a web browser.

The Web Server working needs Ethernet connection from an access point or router: the module interfaces directly with Avebus and Domina anti-intrusion system, and it is able to generate websites configured by the user, that represent the system graphically, divided into environments and functions. PC, tablet and smartphone equipped with internet browserbecome powerful instruments for Home automation system supervision, offering to the end user the opportunity to control bus system, either local (with Lan) or remote (through internet: ADSL with static or dynamic IP), increasing functions.

The access is secured using “Username” and “Password”, which allows to see the electric system graphically on the display, giving to the user the ability to access different control functions. The Web Server DOMINAPLUS is able to do those functions:

  • Automatic thermostat “Multi-zone” module: it extends the functionability of Home automation thermostat increasing the function from the thermostat to an automatic one;
  • Scenarios Central unit” module: it allows the creation of scenarios, groups of operations that must be send to DOMINAPlus system and to DOMINA Anti-intrusion System;
  • Time set” module: it allows to set the scenarios at a proper time at a certain hour of a certain day of a certain month (among the possible solutions you can choose the scenario “every day” of “every Month” at a certain hour);
  • Planed Rules Management” module: it allows to set the rules using “AND/OR” functions between “Enter” and “Exit” belonging to DOMINAPLUS system, time frames, Domina Anti-intrusion system and other informations in those two systems.

Using websites on PC display, tablet or smartphone, it is possible to control remotely or locally the supervision of:

  • Lights: 239 lighting controls (ON-OFF-Changing position) for each Avebus Lines;
  • Shutters: 239 shutters controls (open-close) for each Avebus lines;
  • Thermoregulation: 15 thermical zones for each Avebus lines with the possibility to choose “Automatic” or “Manual” functions, selectioning the wishes temperature and changing the profile of the automatic thermostat;
  • “Loads controls”: 8 controls which allow domestic appliances supply, whose consumption is counted by “Loads control” function, visible on “Consumptions” Menu;
  • Technical alarms: 239 technical alarms for each Avebus lines;
  • Anti-intrusion: 8 anti-intrusion areas and 128 sensors of the anti-intrusion central unit (AF 998EXP), to which you can send the insertion, plug off and partiality controls;
  • Scenarios and time programmers: for each scenarios it is possible to change actions and call the execution back, using a proper integrate time programmer;

Thanks to the new release, that has introduced the possibility to customize the graphic maps, the user experience is more easy and natural than the previous one. The logical consequence of having a bespoke interface is, in fact, to ensure for the user a clear improvement in the way to relate to the system. Interact with your home through customized graphic maps makes use of the WEB SERVER extremely addictive and intuitive.The release of the new version of 53AB-WBS Web Server makes the versatility of this device really tailored.

The wide range of functions in conjunction with graphic implementations make the Web Server a product that fits every needs: an effective way to have always your home under control.


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