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Safety in kitchen with AVE DOMINAplus

Safety in smart kitchen with AVE DOMINAplus

The extreme flexibility of the Ave DOMINAplus home automation system is able to increase the comfort and safety in any room, including the kitchen. In addition to the “standard” functions related to lighting control, rolling shutters, ventilation or temperature control, which can be integrated in any room, Ave has designed a series of solutions specifically addressed to the kitchen that can help to prevent possible hazards due to inadequate management of gas or water leaks and, at the same time, to limit energy waste.

In a space where the safety is essential, the Ave’s home automation is able to intervene minimizing the possible risks. If properly configured DOMINAplus system is able to recognize any water leaks that will be properly circumscribed by the automatic closing of the main valve and by the interruption of the electricity network so as to prevent short circuits. Promptly warned, both locally and remotely, user can proceed to have rectified the fault without having to avoid unpleasant surprises and much more expensive maintenance operations.

Similarly, the DOMINAplus system can also intervene in the management of accidental gas leaks. In case of a gas leakage in the kitchen, the home automation system will intervene going to close the discharge valve, stopping the delivery of the electric network and automatically opening windows and skylights to facilitate air exchange. In this way, DOMINAplus will prevent any short circuits thus avoiding the development of a possible fire. As before, the user will be duly notified through a technical alarm, either remotely and locally, allowing him to return home in safety.

In addition to extreme reliability, the Ave domotics is able to also encourage a more careful and rational management of consumptions. With the aid of a home automation economizer is in fact possible to keep under control all consumptions in terms of energy, water and gas. You can have a real dimension of what is the actual consumption and benefit from economic advantages. Thanks to Ave’s home automation system in fact you can exploit those energy contractual arrangements which are based on certain times. The system will be able to rationalize the use of the appliances in order to promote energy savings by limiting it to the most appropriate time slots and avoiding the detachment of the main switch for overload.

The DOMINAplus solutions do not end here. Through the Scenarios function “Dinner”, for example, the user will have the ability to recall a series of previously set parameters such as temperature, energy savings in the remaining rooms, the 100% lighting or activating web-cam or the anti-theft system.

DOMINAplus represents an advanced control center for home, carrying reliability, comfort and safety in the kitchen as in any other room.


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