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Toggle, touch and traditional switches for stylish electrical system

Toggle, touch and traditional switches for stylish electrical system

Maximum design freedom with innovative AVE toggle, touch and traditional switches. In addition to its strong commitment to technology, AVE focused on aesthetics, offering refined designs, especially in materials, combining tradition, innovation and, above all, celebrating the personality of those who match them with their interiors, as a true signature of style.

Each AVE collection is dedicated to a different way of living and spaces’ interpreting, so installers, architects and interior designers can have maximum design freedom and always find a perfect solution to meet the client’s style and budget needs. For a stylish electrical system, AVE offers:

Toggle switches Ave Style
  • Toggle switches AVE Style, original and trendy solutions that make toggle controls’ system topical again through front plates in aluminium, glass, Corian® (New Style 44) and wood (England Style 44). The missing touch to give a new meaning to interior design.
Ave Touch switches
  • Touch switches to light up any project with a stylish touch through three different concepts: in glass (Vera Touch) and aluminium (Allumia Touch), that are also available in Multi-Touch versions with up to 6 commands, and in moulded (Young Touch).
  • Traditional switches: functionality and simplicity to match with front plates in metal (Zama 44), in glass, wood, Corian® and aluminium (Vera 44), in moulded (Young 44, Moulded 44) and with customizable front plates (Personal 44).


To complete the electrical system, AVE offers solutions for every style. Thanks to AVE System 44 flexibility, all AVE S44 front plates – from plastic version to top front plates in glass and wood – are compatible with AVE S44 wiring accessories series. So, it’s very easy to find the perfect combination to meet aesthetics and costs’ requirements of each customer.


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