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Video-verification via email and MMS with the new AFTVCC01 CCTV Board

Video-verification via email and MMS with the new AFTVCC01 CCTV Board

Fully compatible with all types of analogue cameras, the AFTVCC01 CCTV Board allows to maintain user’s safety conveniently at hand.

Thanks to this device it’s possible to get images of your cameras directly via email or MMS. Enabled users have full access to the cameras. At any time, you can ask via cell phone the transmission of images to verify local situation.

The operation is very simple: it’s enough to send a text message that identifies the camera (for example: “CCTV 01”) and the central unit transmits a snapshot of this camera.

The compatibility with all types of analogue cameras make this CCTV board a device perfectly adaptable to every needs and, at the same time, it can keep low the installation costs. The AFTVCC01 CCTV Board is able of handling up to four analogue cameras of any brand or model. This causes a considerable economic saving for users. If already they had cameras, they don’t have to replace them, while in case users should still buy them, they are totally free for purchase without being tied to use of special detectors.

How does it work? The CCTV Board captures colour images or black and white ones of any camera and send them to the last generation AF949PLUS and AF999PLUS anti-intrusion central units. Generated frames are transmitted as MMS to enabled numbers and stored in the central unit (up to a maximum of about 200 ).

In case of alarm, some photos are taken with an interval of two seconds and immediately sent to one or more numbers (or directly to a pre-set email address). In this way the user has the opportunity to check immediately for any false alarms, without having to go on the place to verify.

The new CCTV Board is also designed to facilitate the installation work. All GPRS parameters required for configuration of the GSM/GPRS ( AFGSM03) are loaded automatically, while the central unit’s programming software allows various options. You can watch each camera’s images, download the stored ones or decide to delete all.

The intuitiveness and ease of use and installation make AFTVCC01 CCTV Board a product on a human scale, designed and built to bring security directly into the user’s hands.



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